Sterling Payments
  • Direct payment accounts
  • Electronic payment solutions
  • International wire transfers through SWIFT
  • Currency conversion (GBP, USD, EUR and more)


Fully compliant

Our compliance team has vast experience in Banking and Fintech. The team consists of specialists who have been carefully selected because of their extensive experience in core banking departments such as financial monitoring, compliance, legal, AML, CTF, PEP and more. Our compliance policy is a fusion of local and international legislation and business practice.

After creating an account, each customer must complete our KYC and AML procedures before they can begin using our services. We are tuned into the latest developments and changes in legislation so that we can constantly amend our policies to reflect the latest practices in compliance, AML, and CTF policy.

Basic services

Various payment services

The main services we provide for our consumer and corporate account holders are:

  • - Payments through SWIFT and SEPA (currently we support USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, however, we will be adding support for more currencies in the near future)
  • - Currency Exchange. (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB)
  • - Instant internal payments
  • - MT103 SWIFT payments
  • - Company formation via our corporate services partners
  • - MasterCard debit card issuance via our principal member partners
  • - Custom payment gateways


International team

We have an international multilingual team based in over 5 countries (Hong Kong, the UK, Estonia, Lithuania, India, and more) providing professional services in those regions which embody Sterling’s vision.

We closely monitor the evolution taking place in the digital era that we live in and have an in-house team of software developers to update our tools and resources in a way that reflects global changes in Fintech. At Sterling Payments, we are on the cutting edge of innovation and are bringing banking online so that we can be your 1st choice in payments.

Our slogan "Time changes - our values do not."

While technology has changed at a rapid pace, our values and goals remain the same. We aim to provide our clients with payment solutions that are affordable, practical, and convenient, while offering an unparalleled customer experience.

At Sterling, we simplify the process of opening business accounts while adhering to international compliance standards. Sterling Payment Services is one of the most reliable and trusted international companies in the constantly evolving Fintech sector.

With our combined knowledge, local market experience, and financial expertise, we are able to deliver the financial services you need without requiring you to set foot in a brick and mortar bank.

Our services

Payment accounts

We provide direct payment account services for our corporate clients.

Payment cards

For our European residents we offer debit and prepaid cards that are connected to their corporate accounts.

Currency exchange

We provide currency exchange services between USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, and more.


The world is changing faster than ever before. Technologies are rapidly evolving and the speed at which innovation is taking place is unprecedented. Yet, the way we store and manage our funds has not really changed. Bounded by profits and bureaucracy, traditional banks are trying their best to keep up with Fintech.

At Sterling Payments we leverage cutting edge technology to lay the foundation for the economy of tomorrow and have created the tools and resources you need to manage your wealth in the digital age.

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